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Overwatch Beta Weekend

From Friday, November 20 through Monday, November 23, Overwatch will be conducting their first invitation-only Beta Test Weekend. During this three-day event, they'll be opening up Overwatch beta (for a limited time) to a lot more players from the Americas and Europe gameplay regions.

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Allods 6.0.2

6.0.2 "Thunder of Victory" is now live. Among the changes are new Allods, the next chapter to the epic raid adventure "Ferris", the mighty Arena of Heroes - and rated PvP combat If you would like to read more about Thunder of Victory, click the button below.

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What is Ascendancy?

Ascendancy Gaming is a mature gaming community for PC gamers. Ascendancy is an established guild with a proud history of rising above our enemies in PvP while etching our name amongst the top progression guilds in PvE.